Anna de Zeeuw

Who would have thought that the very thing I had been (unknowingly) looking for was closer to me than my breath. That ‘thing’ has grounded me in the beauty of my life.

Yoga was first introduced to me in 1998 whilst living in England. I began classes with my first teacher, Maggie Taylor in Catford, South East London. After my second class I experienced a deep sense of calm and ease that seemed to have been absent for years. I wondered how this could this be as I’d only done a few simple stretches. I kept going to these local classes, and began practicing a little yoga most days.

This was the beginning of my yoga journey.

Since then yoga has taken me to the Bahamas, where I certified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher and to Ibiza in Spain, where I spent time with Godfrey Devereux ( It was here that I realised that your approach to yoga on the mat, was the ‘micro of the macro’. That amplified out into life would be this same pattern. I saw the potential that yoga has to relax us into our natural state of being. That the practice on the mat really can facilitate change off the mat.

I traveled to Byron Bay in Australia and spent several weeks with Sofia Diaz ( It was here that I relaxed into my femininity, through yoga and dance, chanting, sacred circles and group work.

I have been fortunate to meet other inspiring teachers on my journey, Linda Henderson in Blackheath, London being one of them.

I also completed six months of the Iyengar Teacher Training with Wendy Brown in Christchurch, New Zealand along with several years enjoying the Ashtanga practice in New Zealand and England.

However, despite being exposed to all this wonderful yoga, and teaching full time since 2002, it wasn’t until I met Mark Whitwell at the beginning of 2007 ( that I truly began to understand (and was actually taught) these traditional teachings.  As a consequence my experience of yoga vastly deepened and the effects on my life were profound. Mark communicates a message that is often missing from contemporary teachings. It is empowering, and reminds us that as we are, is truth. It is the experience that we are looking for. Mark’s book “Yoga of Heart, The Power of Intimate Connection” is a text that can be referenced again and again, each time finding another gem that reminds us of our inherent peace and power.

“Truth is a pathless land. Truth is not something to be found. Truth is already present in you, right here, right now, as the Life that is you.”

I studied also with A.G. and Indra Mohan who were direct students of Sri T. Krishnamacharya for 18 years. The Mohans are dedicated to teaching authentic yoga as it was taught to them and are passionate about keeping this tradition alive. It is simple, and beautifully profound. Discover more about them on

Vanda Scaravelli created an amazing body of work in her home country of Italy.  Sandra Sabatini was one of her few students.  After reading her stunning yoga books, which to me is moving poetry, I spent some wonderful time with her in New Zealand.  It is from here that my work evolves now.  A practice based on absolutely no amition with a sense of timelessness.  Connection with the Earth, with the Sky and all the is underneath this wonder.  The practice is full of possibilities and discoveries.  Explore Sandra’s website

My days are spent with my family and friends in the city of Christchurch and often around Banks Peninsula. Yoga has infused my life, providing a sacredness and wisdom that has enriched my days.